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    Fast Lane: A.C.

    Maranello 14 agosto 2020

    A passion that runs in the family, the desire to have fun and put yourself to the test. This is the spirit in which, A.C. is preparing for his Ferrari Challenge debut in the colours of Rossocorsa. The 48-year-old businessman from Milan is also making his first appearance in the world of closed-wheel competitions. We met him for a new instalment of “Fast Lane”.

    Where does your passion for motorsport come from?

    “It's a passion that is typically passed down from father to son, and I'm no exception. There have always been great car lovers in my family, and I began to experience this attraction when I was a young boy. At first, I raced motorcycles, then growing up I switched to sports cars, a passion I still have today”.

    You are about to have your first Ferrari Challenge experience. What motivated you to choose this?

    “Two years ago, Ferrari invited me to Mugello with other customers to test the cars on the track. It was love at first sight. The following year, I had the chance to test a racing model, the Challenge 458, and on that occasion, I was sure that this was my sport. I became so passionate about it that I immediately started the process of becoming a driver. The pleasure of driving a racing car on the track is really unique, very different from a road car. They are two completely different cars. A few days ago I did a test at the Spa circuit, and I had the time of my life. This is another virtue of the Ferrari Challenge: you can race on the most beautiful tracks in Europe. Unfortunately, I have a lot of work commitments, so this year I won't be able to participate in more than four or five races”.

    Speaking of circuits, which one is the most exciting, and where do you think you can best express yourself?

    “Spa, as I was saying. I experienced it a short time ago, and it's a challenging but beautiful track. I’ve also tried Mugello, where we return at the end of August, and I think I can do well at this circuit too. Clearly, this being my first competition, I can’t expect too much from myself. I don’t have high expectations. It will be a season of trial and apprenticeship. I must say that I set very satisfactory times during the Spa circuit test, but it’s clear that the race experience will be completely different. It’s one thing to set a fast lap, but another to race for half an hour at a fast pace. Let’s say that the potential is there, but the experience is lacking. Maybe next year we’ll start talking about goals”.

    How would you define your driving style?

    “I have to admit that I'm a bit aggressive. In fact, everyone tells me to be careful because, at the rate I go, I'll end up wearing out my tyres after a few metres! (laughs)”.

    How do you prepare athletically for a race?

    “I’m also preparing myself physically. I go to the gym three times a week and I must say that I’ve noticed significant improvements. At Spa, I did about 500 kilometres and coped well, while a year ago, with the Challenge 458, I was exhausted after 200 kilometres!”