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    Driver comments from the race 1 podiums at Mugello

    Maranello 08 ottobre 2022

    Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli Europe


    Trofeo Pirelli

    Eliseo Donno, winner Trofeo Pirelli: "There were a lot of expectations for this race, especially after free practice. I would like to thank the team, the technicians and my family, who stand by me, like my friends. I felt very comfortable here at Mugello and I am happy to have won this race".

    Thomas Neubauer, runner-up Trofeo Pirelli: “The race was fragmented due to the red flag and the intervention of the Safety Car because of the accident. What do I expect from Race 2? In this type of competition, qualifying is crucial. So tomorrow, I will aim to start well, and then we’ll see how it goes”.

    Doriane Pin, third place Trofeo Pirelli: “I didn’t do well in either start. I was in third place when the red flag was raised, and it was difficult to start again. However, we did a great job, securing crucial points for the team, which is a positive for tomorrow”.

    Trofeo Pirelli Am

    Ange Barde, winner Trofeo Pirelli Am: “I am delighted with my race today, and I send a thought to my friend Marco Pulcini who fortunately is fine despite the accident at the first corner. Racing at Mugello is an amazing experience. After winning Race-1, my goal is Race-2 on Sunday. Then I will think about the Finali Mondiali at Imola. How do I feel about the Trofeo Pirelli Am title? The result is due to the concentration I maintained in all the rounds”.

    Nigel Schoonderwoerd, runner-up Trofeo Pirelli Am: “I secured another second place in my second outing of the season. I am delighted, and now I am already focused on tomorrow’s race.

    Christian Brunsborg, third place Trofeo Pirelli Am: “Due to a less than perfect qualifying, I started from the middle of the pack, and it was tough to climb to the front. Considering this, I am very satisfied with my result. I have always enjoyed racing at Mugello, and today, too, it was an exciting experience”.


    Coppa Shell

    Ernst Kirchmayr, winner Coppa Shell: “It’s really exciting to race on such a famous track, which is home to Formula 1. After two or three months, I returned to this championship and took pole position, the fastest lap and the race win here at Mugello. I couldn’t have hoped for better, so I’m very pleased. Meanwhile, Philipp (Baron, Ed.) and I drove a Ferrari 488 GT3 in the International GT Open and scored our first victory. It’s great to come back here and claim a win. We hope to continue in this vein”.

    Axel Sartingen, runner-up Coppa Shell: “Race 1 was interesting because we had a double start and, as often happens in these cases, the first is always the best. Again today Franz Engstler was very quick, and I never closed to a distance that allowed me to challenge him directly. Instead, I had to work hard to maintain my position and keep Roman Ziemian behind me. He had a very impressive pace. I am happy with this second step of the podium. Now we are focused on the second race on Sunday”.

    Roman Ziemian, third place Coppa Shell: “I got off to a bad start because I was too slow, and two cars overtook me. Then I recovered a position, but although I was very close to Axel Sartingen, I still couldn’t pass him. Maybe with one or two extra laps, I would have had a chance. I did my best, and tomorrow I will try even harder”.


    Coppa Shell Am

    Alexander Nussbaumer, winner Coppa Shell Am: “It was a lovely victory, coming at the end of a long race in which I only had to worry about good tyre management, which allowed me to be fast even on the last lap. Our strategy of making full use of the car’s speed also proved successful against Joakim Olander. I put him under a bit of pressure before overtaking him on the last lap, which was very satisfying. In the finale, I was the driver whose tyres were in the best condition, which was one of the keys to victory”.

    Christian Herdt-Wipper, runner-up Coppa Shell Am: “It was a difficult day right from qualifying. Moreover, I wasn’t feeling very well today because of the flu. Fortunately, my wife encouraged me and gave me energy, so I still managed to secure an excellent podium finish. Now we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

    Paolo Scudieri, third place Coppa Shell Am: “An incredible feeling. Mugello is a fantastic track, and this 488 Challenge Evo is an amazing car. It was a difficult race, featuring two Safety Cars, and thus even more complex because of the constant restarts. In any case, stepping onto the podium at Mugello was a big thrill for me, and I had a lot of fun.


    Trofeo Pirelli APAC

    Nobuhiro Imada, first classified Trofeo Pirelli Am: "I am very happy to have been able to challenge the drivers of the European series. In qualifying I found some traffic and the practice was not very good. I am really very satisfied with the win."

    Yudai Uchida, runner-up Pirelli Am Trophy: "I had a problem at the start and the race was really complicated. The physical effort was also considerable. I will try to do even better".

    Yamaguchi Kazayuchi, first classified Coppa Shell: "The first time I attended the Ferrari Challenge in Suzuka I decided to participate and started racing, in 2018. This year I am doing all the races, this is the second full season. My dream is to win the championship and in the future to race in GT3 with Cornes Osaka."

    Jay Park, runner-up Coppa Shell: “When accidents happen, it’s always a bit traumatising for the people on the track, but after what happened today, I just focused on my race performance, and I’m delighted to have finished on the podium”.

    Mothiko Isozaki, third Coppa Shell: "It's my first race in Italy and it's incredible to be on the podium. It is an extraordinary day for me, a unique emotion.

    Baby Key,  Coppa Shell Am first place finisher: "I started racing in 2017 and since then I have built many friendships, with Japanese, Asian and Australian drivers. I am very happy to be able to experience this environment and these race weekends."

    Shigeru Kamiue, runner-up Coppa Shell Am: 'I started on pole position, but I couldn't confirm first place and in the end I'm a little sorry.

    David Dicker, third place Coppa Shell Am: “The finale was tough. I didn’t think I could cross the line in third”.