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    Comments from the race 2 podium at SUGO

    Sugo 06 agosto 2023

    Yudai Uchida, first classified Trofeo Pirelli:
    In the race, I pushed my machine to the limits — but had to stop on lap 16 due to a technical issue. Still, I was able to finish the race by completing 70% of the laps, and was ecstatic to have earned a place on the podium. The 2023 Pirelli class season has been successful, and it's been great to have faced challenging competition from Imada and Oshima. My data logger has seemingly inspired the other classes, and I'm also proud of it. Next season, I'm ready to face new rivals and step up as the champion of the Pirelli class.

    Kazuyuki Yamaguchi, first classified Trofeo Pirelli am:
    I'm happy to have taken home the win. After a difficult transition to the new track, this was my second win of the season. My coach gave me an aggressive but sound game plan: not to get too far ahead in the first half of the race, rather, to remain in contention until the second part. I'm grateful that I stuck with it. There's no better feeling than winning it all in the end. As I start planning for next year, I'm already looking forward to the next race.

    Yasutaka Shirasaki, first classified Coppa Shell:
    I am overjoyed to have scored my first win from the pole position. My success was made possible in large part due to the valuable guidance of my mechanics and coach, especially my coach, who provided me with essential knowledge when I was just starting out in June. I made every effort to exceed their expectations by carving out time from my hectic work life to personally practice race karts and four-wheelers. I am looking forward to competing for the championship once again next year.

    Masato Yoneoka,first classified Coppa Shell Am:
    I’m absolutely thrilled to have been crowned champion after such a fantastic journey from being initially apprehensive about the new car to standing triumphant at the top of the podium. Through sheer hard work and dedication, I’ve been able to achieve this incredible accolade in debut season. I couldn’t be any happier!

    06 agosto, 2023