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Chen and Clarke at the Front in First Qualifying of Weekend

Indianapolis 17 luglio 2021

Grey skies and cool weather welcomed the drivers of the Ferrari Challenge championship for their first qualifying session of the Ferrari Racing Days Weekend at Indianapolis that will set the grids for this afternoon’s racing action.

Trofeo Pirelli. Keyisn Chen (Ferrari of Beverly Hills) took pole position in the Trofeo Pirelli category and also in Trofeo Pirelli AM2 with a 1:26.400 as the track continued to dry from an earlier rain.  Going out second, the AM2 drivers certainly had an advantage over the AM1 category due to this quirk of conditions, and so Brian Davis (Ferrari of Palm Beach) claimed second overall and also in AM2. Jason McCarthy (Wide World Ferrari) rounded out the top three overall and led the Trofeo Pirelli AM1 category with a 1:26.626.  Brad Horstmann (Foreign Cars Italia) was next rounding out the top three in AM2, and Dave Musial (Ferrari of Lake Forest) and Justin Wetherill (Ferrari of Central Florida) rounded out the top three in AM1.

Coppa Shell. Jeremy Clarke (Ferrari of Beverly Hills) set the pace in the Coppa Shell category with a 1:26.578, leading Dave Musial Jr. (Ferrari of Lake Forest) and Todd Coleman (Ferrari of Denver) who rounded out the top three.  In Coppa Shell AM Brad Fauvre (Ferrari of San Francisco) took pole position in his first ever Challenge weekend with a 1:27.761, besting Roy Carroll (Foreign Cars Italia) and Lance Cawley (Ferrari of Atlanta) in third.