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    The triple challenge of Portimão

    Portimão 11 giugno 2021

    Portimão is a modern track, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and a layout that puts drivers and cars to the test while rewarding them in driving terms. The circuit, on its FIA WEC championship debut, also offers some interesting challenges for the engineers.

    “This track poses three challenges on its debut in the endurance world championship”, explained Giuliano Salvi, Ferrari Competizioni GT Track Operations & Technical Manager. “The first is that Portimão is in a particularly windy area, so we have to adopt a more conservative aerodynamic setup than usual."

    The second aspect is directly linked to the nature of the terrain on which the 4684-metre circuit is laid out. “There are a lot of changes in altitude and hillclimbs, so the 488 GTE’s suspension has to be set differently to maximise the car’s effectiveness on different sections of the track."

    The third challenge is probably the most particular and, in some ways, stimulating. “Portimão is a very asymmetrical track, where the left side of the car is particularly stressed”, continued Salvi. "This aspect offers the possibility for interesting scenarios during the race, and obviously, we will try to use them to our advantage”.