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    Two Ferraris racing at Daytona after 20 hours

    Daytona 29 gennaio 2023

    With the first 20 hours of the race over, two Ferraris enter the final phase of the endurance event that opens the IMSA championship season. At the 24 Hours of Daytona in the GTD class, Triarsi Competizione's 296 GT3 is 13th, followed in the standings by the AF Corse car.

    In the early hours of the morning the race developed without particular interruptions, with the sun illuminating the Florida tri-oval from 7 a.m. The 023 Ferrari was entrusted to Charlie Scardina to enjoy the final stint in darkness at the famed speedway. Despite two drive-throughs caused by incorrect tire pressure, the Triarsi Competizione car stayed in the group of the top 15. At dawn, the baton was passed to Alessio Rovera, who racked up good laps, recovering some positions. The rising pace continued with the other official Competizioni GT driver in their line up, Andrea Bertolini, consolidating provisional 13th place, bringing himself to within 10 seconds of Maxwell Root in the number 77 car.

    AF Corse's No. 21 Ferrari, with Simon Mann driving in the early hours of Sunday, steadily occupied a position close to the top-10. The U.S. driver then handed over the 296 GT3 to Miguel Molina, who returned to his spot behind the wheel with the first light of dawn; the Spaniard gained a place to move up to 10th. After an extended pit stop, with five hours to go, the wheel passed to Luís Pérez Companc, who returned to the track in 14th.