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    Italian GT - Gai and Ferrari keep their championship lead

    12 settembre 2018

    Maranello, 12 September 2018 – The Ferrari 488 GT3 of Stefano Gai and Scuderia Baldini 27 still tops the Italian GT championship following the Vallelunga race. After limiting the damage in Race 1, Gai and Giancarlo Fisichella dominated the second outing, pulling away from their rivals. However, it’s still a close fight and the Lamborghini and the Audi pose a real threat. Race-1. In Saturday's race car no. 27 of Scuderia Baldini suffered a time handicap due to its previous successes. This meant that, when Gai handed over to Fisichella, the ex-Formula 1 driver found himself caught in the pack, unable to overtake Vito Postiglione's Lamborghini, which was very fast on the straights. The other 488 GT3 of the Rome based team, the no. 72 of the Ferrari Driver Academy (FDA), crewed by Antonio Fuoco and Eddie Cheever III, also excelled. The two finished second behind the Lamborghini of Antonelli Motorsport driven by Daniel Zampieri and Giacomo Altoè. Seventh place went to the Ferrari of Easy Race with Daniel Mancinelli and Andrea Fontana. Race 2. In the second race, in the absence of time handicaps Stefano Gai and Giancarlo Fisichella powered their way to a deserved win that cut Zampieri-Altoé’s lead in the standings to six points. The Ferrari of Easy Race finished third, while Fuoco and Cheever III were delayed in traffic and only crossed the line in sixth. GT3 Light. The double victory of the 458 Italia GT3 of Composit Motorsport, driven by Maurizio Ceresoli and Satoshi Tanaka, also merits a mention. The next round is on 7 October at the Autodromo Nazionale in Monza.