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    Interview with Daniel Serra

    Like father like son is a rather famous proverb and a very apt one in Daniel Serra’s case.

    Maranello 08 gennaio 2020

    Like father like son is a rather famous proverb and a very apt one in Daniel Serra's case. Born in the trade - his father Francisco 'Chico' Serra also competed in Formula 1 - Daniel is one of the best Brazilian drivers around. He was Brazilian Stock Car champion for three consecutive years and recorded many victories at the wheel of Ferraris in various GT series. On the back of these results and his consistently professional and constructive approach with teams and teammates, Serra has become an official Ferrari Competizioni GT driver. These were his first words after the announcement.

    Q: "What does being an official Ferrari driver mean to you?"

    A: "I am delighted and proud to be an official Ferrari Competizioni GT driver. I've been racing with Ferrari for many years but becoming an official driver is something that I've been looking forward to for a long time."

    Born in São Paulo on 24 March 1984, the driver first encountered a Prancing Horse racing car in 2007, when he climbed into a F430 GT and F430 GT2 of JMB Racing in the Le Mans Series and International GT Open. He won his first title with a Ferrari in Class 1 of the Endurance Brazil in 2010, at the wheel of the F430 GT2 of Via Italia. Then in 2014-16, he competed for Scuderia Corsa in the IMSA series with the Ferrari 458 Italia, and last year with the 488 GTE at Daytona and in the Petit Le Mans, which he entered again with Scuderia Corsa in 2018, winning it. Serra enjoyed an immediate chemistry with the 488 and started to make a difference, even in the individual races in which he took part.

    Q: "What are the features of the 488 GTEs and GT3s you've driven that best suit your style?"

    A: "I think the 488 is a superb car well suited to almost all types of tracks and turns. I really like the braking potential, because even if you delay it, the car remains stable. This is what I like best." In 2017, he bagged his first 24 Hours of Le Mans, a race he won again in 2019 with Alessandro Pier Guidi and James Calado at the wheel of the Ferrari. The Brazilian, together with the same crew, also triumphed for the second time at the Petit Le Mans with the 488 GTE of Risi Competizione.

    : "What makes the victories at the 24 Hours of Le Mans and Petit Le Mans unique?"

    A: "These two victories are very special. Winning both races in the same year even more so. Le Mans is the most important race and winning it with Ferrari is something I will never forget. The Petit Le Mans is a race I won last year with Ferrari in the GTD class, but to have triumphed in it this year with the same teammates with whom I won Le Mans is unforgettable." These intense experiences are indelibly imprinted in the mind of the Brazilian, a man who feels excited every time he has the chance to grip a steering wheel bearing the Prancing Horse logo in the middle.

    Q: "How do you feel about driving a Ferrari?"

    A: "It's very exciting and I'm proud to drive a Ferrari. It's something I've always wanted to do. I've been driving Ferraris for a while, but driving for Ferrari is something that makes everything really special." Now that he has finally become an official driver, Serra has precise ideas about the future.

    Q: "What are your goals?"

    A: "My goal is one day to become world champion with Ferrari."  

    08 gennaio, 2020