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    Important points for SMP Racing

    Spa-Francorchamps 27 luglio 2019

    With a third of the race run, the Ferraris of SMP Racing and AF Corse are in contention for victory. The Russian team's car is in ninth, while AF Corse's is 34th but has already had its five-minute technical stop. The race finally progressed more smoothly, with the Safety Car leaving the scene even though it was raining again, just before the sixth hour struck. At this stage the 488 GT3 of SMP Racing was in sixth but decided not to mount rain tyres and stick with slicks, to win the 12 points on offer for the leader at the stroke of the sixth hour. Over the following hours, the track conditions improved and, a few minutes before the eighth hour, Molina returned to the pits to mount dry tyres, slipping back to ninth position as a result. Calado, at the wheel of AF Corse’s car no. 51, is in 34th but can recover when the other cars make their mandatory technical stop. In the Silver Cup, the 488 GT3 of Rinaldi Racing is eighth, while in the Pro-Am, the three Ferraris are fifth, with Tempesta Racing, sixth with Scuderia Praha, and ninth with AF Corse. Finally, in the Am Cup, Rinaldi Racing’s 488 and 33 are respectively in third and fourth, with the Ferrari of HB Racing in fifth.