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    First win for Visiom Racing in Ultimate Cup Series

    2019 4 Hours of Dijon - Ultimate Cup Series, Ferrari 488 GT3

    Dijon-Prenois 28 aprile 2019

    The 488 GT3 of Visiom Racing performed a remarkable comeback on Sunday to claim its first victory in the Ultimate Cup Series.

    Races and memories. The Prancing Horse car, crewed by Jean-Paul Pagny, Jean-Bernard Bouvet and Thierry Perrier, won the 4 Hours of Dijon. The race took place on the Dijon-Prenois track, the venue in 1979 of a wonderful duel between Gilles Villeneuve, at the wheel of a Ferrari, and René Arnoux, in a Renault.
    Although different in many aspects, the two manufacturers and their respective cars fought a repeat bout on the circuit in the capital of historic Burgundy. Visiom Racing’s triumph will also linger long in the memory courtesy of the 488 GT3 no. 1’s impressive comeback from the second hour of the race. At mid-race, the Ferrari had to make up a two-lap deficit on the leaders.

    Furious comeback. With an hour to go, the French crew had already knocked one lap off the gap and completed the feat in the final section with Bouvet at the wheel, and with a bit of help from the rain that had made the 3,722-metre circuit particularly challenging. The decisive pass came four laps from the end, but Bouvet kept up the pace to cross the line with a 14-second lead over the crew of Carugati, Cordoni and Segers.
    This victory boosts Visiom Racing in the standings. The third round of the championship will be held in Slovakia from 24 to 26 May at the Slovakia Ring.