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    First day of Ferrari Motorsport Festival

    Ferrari Motorsport Festival - Riyadh Car Show 2019

    Riyadh 24 novembre 2019

    The Ferrari Motorsport Festival programme, the flagship event of the Riyadh Car Show, has gone live. Competizioni GT drivers James Calado, Miguel Molina, Giancarlo Fisichella, Andrea Bertolini and Olivier Beretta, took turns in the Attività Sportive GT cars on a track specially created for the event. James Calado and Miguel Molina were the first to tackle the asphalt in the 488 Challenges. Then came the XX Programme cars. Olivier Beretta drove an FXX Evo and Andrea Bertolini a 599XX Evo, while Giancarlo Fisichella closed the exhibition with the FXX-K Evo. James Calado and Miguel Molina respectively lapped in the 488 GTE and 488 GT3. The mechanics also performed some lightning-fast pit stops with driver changes, as Calado and Molina made way for Giancarlo Fisichella and Andrea Bertolini. The evening in the Saudi Arabian capital continued with the presentation of the SF90 Stradale to customers who had arrived at the location in tandem, performing a few laps of the track.