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    Ferrari second at mid-race in Monza

    Monza 18 luglio 2021

    Three hours into the race on the Lombard track, the Ferraris hold second position in the LMGTE Pro and LMGTE Am with Calado and Rovera, respectively.

    LMGTE-Pro. After a steady start, the first three hours saw the traditional duel between Ferrari and Porsche with Alessandro Pier Guidi and Miguel Molina, respectively, behind Estre and Bruni. The small margin between the cars lengthened or shortened depending on the traffic along the almost six-kilometre track. The turning point came shortly before the halfway mark, after the Safety Car restart when Calado executed a splendid move to pass Jani at the first chicane. However, after the next stop, ten minutes before the end of the third hour, the 488 GTE's slower restart allowed the Porsche to reclaim the lead. For the first two hours, Miguel Molina and then Daniel Serra alternated between third and fourth in an extended scrap with the German berlinettas. The pair kept to within eleven seconds of their rivals.

    LMGTE-Am. The first half of the race was full of twists and turns and action in one of the most crowded classes on the grid. Starting from the back of the pack due to a penalty incurred a few hours before the end of qualifying for falling one millimetre below the minimum ground clearance height, AF Corse Ferrari #83, with Rovera at the wheel, mounted a furious comeback to put the 488 GTE reigning champion in third. Ahead of the talented Italian, Francesco Castellacci, in the Piacenza team’s second car, was also among the leaders, even occupying top spot. Roberto Lacorte's off-track at Lesmo 2 compromised the race for Cetilar Racing's Ferrari, which lost two laps to retrieve and pit the car for repairs. However, Iron Lynx #60 suffered a much longer stop for further repairs on top of those following the accident in the third free practice session. The second Iron Dames Ferrari performed brilliantly, long in fifth position, while the third AF Corse unit, with Urlich and Mann at the wheel, also occupied third place.