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    CIVM - Peruggini and Ferrari champions again

    08 ottobre 2018

    Maranello - Lucio Peruggini, in the Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 of AB Motorsport, is Italian Gruppo GT Champion for the third consecutive time. After victories in the two races of the 23rd Luzzi-Sambucina the AB Motorsport driver secured another Italian title to add to those won in 2016 and 2017.

    Delayed announcement. Peruggini had to wait a long time for confirmation, because of a technical complaint by his closest rival, Marco Iacoangeli, second in the race. However, all the parts of the car analysed were found to be regular, so the GT Group standings for the race and championship stood.

    Great duel. Peruggini in the Ferrari and Iacoangeli in the BMW fought an exciting duel over the whole season that saw a continuous alternation at the top with differences of just hundredths of a second between the two contenders. However, in the end Peruggini's greater experience told. Six race wins each: Peruggini took Nevegal, Fasano, Ascoli, Trento-Bondone, Erice and Luzzi, while Iacoangeli triumphed at Verzegnis, Morano, Sarnano, Gubbio, Pedavena and Coppa Nissena.

    Last effort. Both the drivers now await the final round of the hillclimb racing season, the FIA Hill Climb Masters in Gubbio from 12 to 14 October.