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    Britcar - Six wins for Ferrari teams at Snetterton

    10 maggio 2017

    Maranello, 10 May 2017 – Ferrari crews notched up six wins in the second round of the Britcar championship, held last weekend at Snetterton.   Race-1. In the first race, Bonamy Grimes and Johnny Mowlem, competing in Endurance Class 2 with the 458 Challenge EVO of FF Corse, took first place ahead of teammates Graham Lucking and Leyton Clarke. In Sprint Class 2 Marc Brough and Charlie Hollings also won with another 458 Challenge EVO of FF Corse, ahead of teammates Laurent De Meeus and Jamie Stanley. In Endurance Class 1 the Aston Martin of Wilcox-Hudson took the victory but Witt Gamski and Ross Wylie finished second in the 458 Italia GTE of MJC. The 458 Italia GT3 of FF Corse came third, driven by Calum Lockie and David Mason.   Race-2. The second race, for both Endurance and Sprint drivers, with the latter stopping after 50 minutes, saw two Ferrari victories in the Sprint classes. In Class 2 De Meeus-Stanley beat Brough-Hollings, while Mason and Lockie were victorious in Class 1. The other two triumphs came in the Endurance race. The overall win and the one in Endurance Class 1 went to Gamski-Wylie who finished almost 40 seconds ahead of the Aston Martin of Wilcox-Hudson. In Endurance Class 2 Grimes and Mowlem beat fellow Ferrari drivers Lucking-Clarke by a lap. The 458 Challenge EVO of DMS Motorsport with FF Corse of Mike Wilds and Dino Zamparelli finished third. The next round is on 23-24 June at Silverstone.