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    ALMS - Ferrari of Car Guy wins on debut at Shanghai

    26 novembre 2018

    Shanghai – Ferrari 488 GT3s secured the top two positions in the first race of the Asian Le Mans Series in Shanghai. The car of Japanese team Car Guy took the winner’s laurels on the team’s debut with a Ferrari, finishing ahead of the sister car of Spirit of Race on a day that saw Ferrari dominate two thirds of the race.

    Cautious start. At the start both Ferraris kept their distance from the chaos following an accident in the first part of the group at turn 1. Both car no. 11 driven by Takeshi Kimura and no. 51 of Oswaldo Negri Junior held their starting positions, before taking advantage of the fire in the Audi pits to move past the leader into the top two positions.

    Dominant finale. Kei Cozzolino and Francesco Piovanetti did the main stints in the two cars, before handing over their respective 488 GT3s to James Calado and Alessandro Pier Guidi, the two world champions who usually race together in the Ferrari 488 GTE no. 51 of AF Corse. The British driver received the lead car and consolidated its advantage, while Pier Guidi, given that his rival was beyond reach, focused on securing some valuable championship points. The season continues in two weeks at Fuji.

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