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    24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual: car no. 52 in fight for podium

    Maranello 13 giugno 2020

    The 24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual hit the nine-hour mark with various problems having knocked the Ferraris 488 GTEs down the standings.

    Car no. 52. Car no. 52 is still the best placed of the 488 GTEs, fighting for the podium in fourth position, although some lag problems (jerkiness in the game) undermined Charles Leclerc's stint. The Monegasque driver picked up the baton from Enzo Bonito who had brought the car into second place but soon ran into a spin essentially caused by the lag. He then struggled to keep pace with the Porsches, losing two positions. At the end of the stint, Charles handed over to Giovinazzi.

    Other cars. As for the other 488 GTEs, car no. 51 of AF Corse is in difficulty having dropped nine laps from its nearest rival when a problem with the simulator's steering wheel prevented David Perel and Kasper Stolze from restarting after a pit stop. Car no. 71 is twelfth with Zwiers behind the wheel, while Felipe Massa is fourteenth with the Strong Together team car.