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The new Ferrari Purosangue presented in Le Louvre - Paris

Paris 22 novembre 2022

The new Ferrari Purosangue was the star of an exclusive evening attended by a limited number of very passionate Ferraristi. They had the chance to discover Ferrari's latest model in Paris. The newest model from Maranello was introduced by Michele Aporti, Head of Ferrari West Europe and Emanuele Carando, Head of Global Product Marketing.

The guests had the opportunity to discover the Ferrari Purosangue, a true Ferrari sportscar, first ever four-door, four-seater car in Ferrari’s history. To make this event even more memorable, the car was unveiled at the worldwide famous Carrousel du Louvre  in the center of Paris.  During some hours, the Purosangue became the most desirable masterpiece in the largest museum of art and antiquities in the world.

Following the concept of born without compromises, born of passion and born of the Ferrari Bloodline the new  Purosangue redefines a new era for Ferrari. With the Ferrari Purosangue the company from Maranello developed the Prancing Horse’s first ever four-door four-seater, equipped with Maranello’s iconic naturally aspirated V12, which can unleash a massive 725 HP in total. With this new car, Ferrari took the challenge to create a car with a voluminous spaces, lightness and driving pleasure to a higher level. With the completely new developed Ferrari Active Suspension Technology (F.A.S.T.) the driver has the feeling to be strongly connected to the road even that give you the unique Ferrari driving experience. Thanks to its innovative technologies and the new car layout, Ferrari developed a real sport car that can be driven even under challenging conditions like road, snow, sand and the countryside. 

With the Ferrari Purosangue, the engineers from Maranello set a new standard in the automotive industry, thanks to a unique car encapsulation of the Prancing Horse’s DNA, where performance, driving pleasure and comfort coexist in perfect harmony.

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