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Our journey to sustainability

Maranello 28 aprile 2022

In 2021 Ferrari, as we can see in the video, engaged in several sustainability projects that represent our values and are designed to move our company forward into a decade of responsible development. 

At a time in which sustainability is an important part of the strategic direction of business, we have strengthened our strategy around five pillars:



Drive technological innovation while pursuing excellence in design and craftsmanship to fuel the passion of our customers and enthusiasts.

Innovation is in our DNA and we will continue pushing boundaries to respond to customers’ desires, always setting new standards in the “Ferrari way”. 



Maintain Ferrari’s corporate governance and risk management systems aligned with best practices to ensure an ethical business conduct while providing superior and sustainable returns to our shareholders.

Ferrari believes that conduct based on the principles of diligence, integrity and fairness is a key driver for social and economic development. We are committed to creating a culture of sustainability, which requires effective risk management, responsible and proactive decision-making, and innovation. 



Provide an inclusive, educational and inspiring work environment to unleash everyone’s passion, creativity and talent.

We know that the best individual and team performance is only achieved if employees feel they are in the right environment. We also believe that the quality of our products cannot be separated from the lives of the people working in Ferrari.



Increase our environmental awareness to continuously set and implement related programs and actions.

Ferrari is committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2030 across our entire value chain, addressing direct and indirect GHG emissions and focusing on energy and materials, in addition to our electrification journey.



Encourage strategic partnerships and the creation of positive externalities for all stakeholders.

Our goal is to create and share long-term value with our internal and external stakeholders, from our employees and partners to the broader community of customers and tifosi. In this context, community engagement and involvement with the local territory are of fundamental importance to us.