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Nordic Rally - an escape from reality

Maranello 12 ottobre 2021

In September, twenty-four participants experienced a unique 3-day rally on the most scenic routes of Norway, enjoying breath-taking landscapes, high-end luxury hospitality and fine dining.

Our adventure started in Trondheim, known for its rich historical and cultural heritage, with a refined dinner in the Archdiocese of Nidaros, historical scene of multiple kings' coronations. This particular atmosphere offered the perfect settings to plunge our guests into the mystical dimension of this voyage.

The first day was rythmed by the discovery of the roadbook, a great occasion for our participants to test their co-pilot skills in a playful atmosphere. The first 300 km through the sinuous roads of the location, between lakes, mountains and forests brought our participants from Trondheim to Angvik, a small village located in the western shores of the Tingvollfjorden. 

On Saturday, 230 km and as much scenery landscapes and pictures stops later, our prancing horse convoy arrived in the city of Alesund and its concentration of new art architecture, right on time to onboard on a luxurious cruise dinner, privatised for the occasion.

Surprising encounters with local animals, sheep, goats and lama, almost unreal under this majestic grey sky, animated our last day.

During the entire experience, two Ferrari instructors were here to support and guide drivers through the experience, allowing them to discover and enjoy their Ferrari in their full-scale playground.

This exclusive escapade was concluded by a lunch at the Westerås Restaurant with a spectacular view of the fjord and mountains.

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