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    Quali recap: Charles and Carlos fifth and sixth

    Austin 23 ottobre 2021

    Q1, 16.00. Charles is one of the first to go out on track and sets a 1’35”281 on Soft tyres. Carlos waits a few minutes and posts a 1’34”588, also on Softs and getting a tow from his team-mate down the main straight. It is good enough to ensure he makes the cut to the next session.

    16.14. Charles goes back on track and improves with new Softs stopping the clocks in 1’34”153, which puts him at the top of the time sheet. Carlos is sixth so both Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow drivers are through to Q2.

    Q2, 16.26. Charles goes out on Medium tyres, while Carlos opts for Soft. The Monegasque posts a 1’33”928 while the Spaniard does a 1’34”126.

    16.36. Carlos goes for a second run on Mediums but does not improve, setting a time of 1’34”388. Leclerc is fourth and will start the Grand Prix on Medium tyres, with Sainz sixth, starting on Softs.

    Q3, 16.48. In the final top ten shoot out are the two cars from Ferrari, Mercedes, Red Bull, McLaren and AlphaTauri. Everyone goes out on Soft tyres, Carlos and Charles running new ones. On the first run they set times of 1’33”826 and 1’33”897 respectively.

    16.56. It’s time for the second and final run. Both SF21s are on new Softs. Charles sets a time of 1’33”606, while Carlos posts a 1’33”792, which puts them fifth and sixth on the time sheet. But they will both move up one place on the grid because of Bottas’ penalty, so that Leclerc will start from fourth on the second row and with Sainz fifth on row 3.