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    Quali recap: Carlos on the front row, Charles out in Q1

    Spanish Grand Prix 2023 Qualifying

    Montmeló 03 giugno 2023

    The track is dry but there are dark clouds above the Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit and a few drops of rain are falling. The air temperature is 21°, the track 24°.

    Q1.  Both Ferraris go out on Soft tyres, but they don’t have time to set a time before the red flag comes out as several cars spin off, putting gravel on the track. The session resumes with 14 minutes remaining. On his first run, Carlos is slowed by Pierre Gasly and does no better than 1’14”360. Charles posts a time of 1’16”618. Carlos improves to 1’14”328 and then 1’13”411. But Charles can only manage a 1’14”079 and fails to make the cut to Q2.

    Q2. In the second phase, all the drivers set a time. Carlos posts a 1’13”810 on used Softs and then comes in for a new set of tyres, setting a competitive 1’12”790 to make the cut to the final part.

    Q3. In the final part of qualifying, Carlos has one set of new Soft tyres and on his first run he posts a time of 1’13”754 on used tyres, which puts him fourth fastest. He pits for the new set and then puts together a great lap in 1’12”734 which secures him a place on the front row alongside Max Verstappen.