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    Singapore Grand Prix 2023 by Tommaso Bennato

    Cover Art by Tommaso Bennato

    Maranello 13 settembre 2023

    Tommaso Bennato is a comic book artist and illustrator from Naples. In 2004 he attended the Scuola Internazionale di Comics in Rome, and mastered Foreign Comic Art. He worked in Japan at the Tokyo Animation Gakuin and for the publisher Kodansha. Then in the US market collaborated with Marvel on a short story about the Incredible Hulk. But it’s in the Belgian franc comics where he found the right place to express his love for drawing and storytelling. Here he worked with different publishers: Clair de Lune, Narratives, Delcourt. And after that, he moved to France where he spent 4 years. He collaborated also with the art studio of N.E.M.O 360 as a concept artist and video game character designer. Coming back to Italy he started working on a webcomic, written and drawn on his own with Maria Riccio. It was named Inarime and has been published online on Webtoon by the Korean Naver Corp. In the end, he also joined Caronte Studios as an art director and designer. Now he is working on La Couronne de Verre with the publisher Editions Delcourt.

    Cover Art by Tommaso Bennato
    13 settembre, 2023