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    Race recap: Charles sixth, Carlos eighth

    Race recap. Charles sixth, Carlos eighth

    Monte Carlo 28 maggio 2023

    Overcast, air temperature 25 degrees, track 42 at the start of the Monaco Grand Prix.

    Start. Carlos and Charles line up on the grid on Hard tyres in fourth and sixth places and they stay in those positions after the start.

    Lap 11. Carlos attacks Esteban Ocon at the Nouvelle Chicane and clips the back of the Frenchman’s Alpine damaging his own front wing. But he manages to continue as the loss of aero downforce is not significant.

    Lap 31. Lewis Hamilton pits for a tyre change and Leclerc is up to fifth.

    Lap 33. Now it’s Carlos who pits to cover Hamilton and he emerges seventh behind Ocon. Charles is up to third.

    Lap 44. Charles also pits and rejoins eighth, promoting Carlos to sixth.

    Lap 47. Pierre Gasly pits: Sainz fifth, Leclerc seventh.

    Giro 52. It starts to rain. In the space of a few laps everyone has to come in for Intermediate tyres. Carlos makes a mistake and slips back behind Charles. Leclerc sixth, Sainz eighth.

    Chequered flag. There are no more changes and so the Ferrari men finish in those places.

    28 maggio, 2023