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    Monaco Gran Prix 2019 by Valerio Schiti

    Monte Carlo 22 maggio 2019


    The Monoposto parades along the harbour of Monte Carlo and La Condamine, in a boundless and exciting race that suffuses the scenery with the red of passion.


    Valerio Schiti is an Italian cartoonist from Rome. He makes his debut in Italy for Editoriale Aurea and in the USA for IDW on publications such as “Dungeons & Dragons”, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and “Battle Beasts”. 2012 sees the start of his collaboration with Marvel Comics on “Journey into Mystery”, written by Kathryn Immonen. He also works with Sam Humphries on “Avengers A.I.”,  Al Ewing on “Mighty Avengers” and  Jonathan Hickman on “New Avengers”. For more than two years is the regular artist of  “Guardians of the Galaxy”, scripted by Brian Michael Bendis.He works with Jason Aaron on “The Mighty Thor” and with Chip Zdarsky on “Marvel 2 in One”. He is currently the regular artist on “Tony Stark: Iron Man”, written by Dan Slott. 

    Cover art by Valerio Schiti - Monte Carlo 2019