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    Race recap: Carlos and Charles fifth and sixth

    Mexico City 30 ottobre 2022

    Clear skies, temperatures: air 25 degrees; track 41.

    Start. At the start Charles gets the jump on Valtteri Bottas to go sixth.

    Lap 21. No changes: Max Verstappen leads from Lewis Hamilton, Sergio Perez, George Russell, Carlos and Charles.

    Lap 23. Perez pits, so Carlos and Charles move up a place.

    Lap 29. Charles pits for Medium tyres and rejoins 12th

    Lap 30. Carlos also pits, rejoining ninth, while Charles is up to 11th having passed Guanyu Zhou and then deals with Daniel Ricciardo for tenth spot.

    Lap 31. Lando Norris pits, promoting Carlos and Charles to eighth and ninth.

    Lap 33. When Esteban Ocon pits, Carlos and Charles are seventh and eighth.

    Lap 38. Sainz passes Bottas for sixth.

    Lap 39. Carlos also passes Fernando Alonso to be fifth. Bottas pits promoting Charles to seventh.

    Lap 40. Alonso now pits so Charles is sixth.

    Lap 65. Virtual Safety Car after Alonso stops on track. No changes.

    Finish line. It ends like this with Carlos fifth and Charles sixth.