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    Race recap: Carlos third, Charles fourth

    Race recap: Carlos third, Charles fourth

    Monza 03 settembre 2023

    The sun is shining in Monza: air temperature is 29, the track is at 43.

    Start. Carlos and Charles maintain first and third place.

    Lap 16 The end of the opening lap marks the start of a thrilling duel between Carlos and Max Verstappen. At the first braking point the Spaniard goes slightly long and pays the price heading down to the Roggia chicane. The Dutchman pulls alongside and into the lead. Charles is still third.

    Lap 19. Carlos pits, going from Medium to Hard tyres, rejoining ninth behind Valtteri Bottas.

    Lap 20. It’s Charles’ turn to copy his team-mate. After everyone has stopped with the exception of Lewis Hamilton, the Ferraris are third and fourth behind the Englishman and Verstappen.

    Lap 28. The Ferraris get ahead of Hamilton to run second and third, with Sergio Perez right behind, in a very fast train.

    Lap 31. Charles drops out of DRS range from Carlos which makes him vulnerable and the Mexican gets ahead to take third on the next lap, but Charles stays with him. 

    Lap 46. Perez gets past Carlos. Ferrari are third and fourth.

    Lap 47. Carlos and Charles have a great scrap, swapping positions twice at the first chicane and at Roggia.

    Chequered flag. And so it finishes, Carlos third, Charles fourth.

    03 settembre, 2023