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    Quali recap: Carlos on pole, Charles third

    Quali recap: Carlos on pole, Charles third

    Monza 02 settembre 2023

    Qualifying gets underway for the Italian Grand Prix, the second this season running to the new ATA (Alternative Tyre Allocation) format which requires all drivers to tackle Q1 on Hard tyres, Q2 on Medium and Q3 on Soft.

    Q1. Charles kicks off with a 1’22”496 and Carlos a 1’22”321, before improving to 1’21”996 and 1’21”965 respectively. On the same tyres, Leclerc improves to 1’21”788 with both drivers making the cut to Q2.

    Q2. Medium tyres now and Sainz laps in 1’20”991, Leclerc in 1’21”175 and then 1’20”977 with both making it to Q3.

    Q3. Carlos and Charles have two sets each of new Soft tyres and they are first and second fastest after the first lap with times of 1’20”532 and 1’20”564. On the second set, Charles ends up third in 1’20”361 while Carlos heads the field with a 1’20”294. It is his fourth career pole position, number 245 for Ferrari.

    02 settembre, 2023