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    French Grand Prix 2019 by Federico Carlo Ferniani

    Le Castellet 19 giugno 2019


    The quiet French hills act as a counterpoint to the frenzy of the race. The Rossa devours the track, heading towards the chequered flag in a whirlwind of speed.


    Federico Carlo Ferniani, born in 1974 in Empoli, is an italian illustrator, and comic artist. 

    Starting from 1996, he works as illustrator for different publishers and museums.

    His career in comics begins in 2006 on the series "Bravesland", by Fabrice David and Gregory Lassablière, while ate same time continuing his work as illustrator and designer.

    He also worked on the series "The way of the sword" and "Promethéè", by Christophe Bec.

    Cover art by Federico Carlo Ferniani - Le Castellet 2019