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    Chinese Grand Prix 2019 by Stefano Landini

    Shanghai 10 aprile 2019


    Two wonders of engineering and technology meet in the Land of The Rising Sun: the Rossa burns through the over 6000 Km of the Great Wall Of China and heads straight to Shanghai: it's time for another Race Weekend!


    Stefano Landini is a comic and concept artist from Italy. Born in 1977, he begins his career in 2005 with Becco Giallo, on «La Banda della Magliana». 2007 sees his debut on the American Market with works for Marvel and DC Comics. In 2014 he starts his collaboration with Sergio Bonelli Editore and in 2016 he's the author of an artbook dedicated to the world of Star Wars with Disney. He is currently working with Marvel on Daredevil and with Sergio Bonelli Editore on Dylan Dog.

    Cover art by Stefano Landini - Shanghai 2019