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    Belgian Grand Prix 2023 by Elena Casagrande

    Spa-Francorchamps 26 luglio 2023

    After attending the International School of Comics, Elena Casagrande made her debut in the US market with IDW Publishing (Star Trek, Ghost Whisperer, Angel, Doctor Who, X-files). She also worked for Marvel Comics in the United States, contributing to titles such as SpidermanSpitfire and RedHulk. With DC Comics, she worked on magazines like VigilanteBatgirlCatwomanHarley Quinn, and Wonder Woman. For Image Comics, she participated in the final series of the comic book Hack/Slash, and with Boom! Studios, she illustrated the sequel to Big Trouble in Little China and worked on the last series of Mike Carey's Suicide Risk. She launched the new series Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor for Titan Comics and contributed to the latest series of Black Widow for Marvel Comics with Kelly Thompson, winning the prestigious Eisner Award 2021 as Best New Series. Currently, she is part of Marvel's 2023 Stormbreakers class, a program that highlights the top emerging artists in the illustration and comic book industry.