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    A Summer break chat with Maya Weug

    Maranello 03 agosto 2021

    Maya, how have you adapted to living in Maranello since you joined the Ferrari Driver Academy?

    Adapting to life in Italy has been quite easy. I’m really enjoying myself here. I’ve improved my Italian skills by taking lessons, and the food is something that’s always very nice here too. Living in Casa FDA with some of the other drivers is great because we spend a lot of time with each other. We have fun living there and one thing we like to do in our free time is to cook together.

    How has the transition to single-seater racing been? 

    It’s a big step to take, going from karting to single-seater racing. Adapting to being in a bigger racing team and working closely with an engineer is definitely something one has to get used to, but I feel very good in the team. We’ve worked together a lot to improve on track. I also had to adapt to the car and to the tracks, as all of them are new for me this year. It’s a good challenge. We are working in the right direction and can already see improvements.

    What have you enjoyed most so far this season?

    On track, it feels very good to be so close to the top of the rookie standings. Some races have been really good with nice overtakes. Off-track, it has been great to get to know all of the other FDA drivers and participate in activities such as cross-fit, paddle, or cycling which are all part of our programme. We work really hard, but we also have fun together.

    What does your current programme look like at FDA?

    I’m at the FDA headquarter almost every day, unless I have a test or race or  have to travel to the Iron Lynx base for simulator sessions. When we are in Maranello, we have physical activities every day, which can be going to the gym, doing cross-fit, cycling, playing paddle and swimming. We also have mental training every week, in addition to Italian lessons and courses in vehicle dynamics. We also learn how to prepare and analyse past performances in preparation for upcoming events by watching onboard videos.

    What are your goals for the second half of the season?

    My goal for the upcoming races is to keep improving, and especially to make a step forward in terms of qualifying performance. 

    What would you say your strong points have been?

    My driving has been smooth and I’d say my strong point in racing has been overtaking. 

    What is your training plan for the summer?

    I will go back home to Spain for a while, and my focus will mainly be on physical training. With FDA, we will also analyse where I can improve for the second part of the season.

    You saw the next generation F4 car at the FIA Conference in Monaco. What were your impressions?

    I saw the new F4 car in Monaco a couple of weeks ago, and I think it’s very interesting. In terms of safety, it looks like a step forward as it has a Halo. It looks a bit heavier but I think it will be a really good car to race. The steering is different and there is more going on in terms of aerodynamics, so it looks great fun.