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    F1 Esports Series - Tonizza and FDA Hublot Esports Team make history as they become World Champions on their first appearance!

    London 04 dicembre 2019

    It looks like David Tonizza’s Christmas wishes came earlier than expected. The FDA Hublot Esports Team sim driver brought home a challenging, but special championship: F1 Esport Series. What a great achievement for the rookie driver on his first series’ appearance racing for the FDA Hublot Esports Team. The 17-year-old Italian, dubbed “Tonzilla” has achieved something extraordinary in the motorsport world. Not even the current world champion, Lewis Hamilton could match Tonizza, in fact Lewis Hamilton won his first championship in his second year of Formula 1.

    Cold blooded. It was not all roses for the championship leader, the championship looked as if it could slip away from him. In the second race Tonizza got a three-second time penalty meaning that he ended the race in P6. His Red Bull rival, Frederick Rasmussen went into the final race as provisional championship leader. Tonizza’s determination and instructions of the coaches Alessio Cicolari and Stefano Presenti allowed him to regain his composure that allowed him to turn the table. This championship has brought great joy to the Ferrari family as they tasted for the very first time an Esport Championship.

    Suzuka. The first race of the final round was held in Suzuka. A legendary track where David Tonizza started third behind Rasmussen and Carreton (Williams). The Dane got off to a flying start where the two drivers were pushing each other to the limits. On the other hand, Tonizza had to accept third place. Rasmussen’s win meant that he reduced the championship gap from 26 to 13 points.

    Austin. The Circuit of the Americas was certainly not Tonizza’s best moment of the day. “Tonzilla” qualified in fourth position and he easily overtook Bereznay’s Alfa Romeo, furthermore Tonizza chased down and overtook Enzo Bonito’s McLaren who was second at the time. Tonizza decided to pit early, but he found himself 2.1 seconds behind Rasmussen. Bonito was catching up on Tonizza and he eventually overtook the FDA Hublot Esports Team driver. Tonizza received a three-second penalty for exceeding track limits which meant he was demoted from P3 to P6. This meant Rasmussen became the new championship leader.

    In Interlagos. Tonizza needed to bring his ‘A Game’ to Interlagos, holder of the Brazilian Gran Prix, Tonizza did not disappoint. “Tonzilla” struck an amazing pole position, however, his race start was not perfect, but he felt more confident as the race progressed. Infact, Bereznay was able to overtake the Italian at the start. Tonizza knew that he had to solely concentrate on Rasmussen. The Dane decided to undercut his opponent, but Tonizza stayed out and concentrated on his race strategy. Tonizza was running in P1, therefore, his strategy worked to perfection. Towards the end of the race, Tonizza knew that the championship lead had to be managed correctly, therefore, he was very sensible and cautious on the wheel and by no means did he attempt a risky maneuver. Bereznay crossed the line first, but that does not matter to Tonizza since he became the new world champion.

    The King. David Tonizza is really a great champion: “It was not easy being in front from the very first race of the season and suddenly you find yourself behind in the standings with one race to go. I have to admit I had to be cold and emotionless. Fortunately, I was able to regain my composure which I was missing. I want to thank everyone, especially, FDA Hublot Esports Team for their amazing work and the success we shared this year. I am very happy”.