XX Programme return to Nordschleife

Nürburgring 30 agosto 2021

XX Programme’ customers enjoyed an adrenaline-filled day with the exclusive use of the Nordschleife, the legendary northern loop of the Nürburgring. The 20-km-plus track offers drivers an unparalleled mix of curves and straights, jumps and dips, with technical and iconic stretches such as the Caracciola Karussell or the Flugplatz, and points that left a permanent mark on Formula 1 history such as Bergwerk. The Nordschleife is more than just a racetrack. It's a journey through time and defiance of reason that, on many stretches, invites you to lift your foot off the accelerator while your heart starts to pound. Five FXX-K Evos and one FXX K took on this legendary track, facing the challenges of light fog and a slippery track due to overnight rain.