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    Wins for Grouwels and Simoncic in Coppa Shell

    Imola 04 luglio 2020

    Roger Grouwels (Kroymans Automotive) triumphed in Race-1 of the Coppa Shell at Imola.

    Coppa Shell. Setting off from third, Grouwels took advantage of the absence of Thomas Gostner (CDP - MP Racing), who didn't start due to a technical fault. The Dutchman's first win of the season came at the end of a hard-fought race. He gained the lead in a brilliant passing move against Fons Scheltema (Kessel Racing), who finished on the lowest step of the podium. There was an exciting fight for the top three positions: Ernst Kirchmayr (Baron Motorsport) took the chequered flag and finished runner-up after deftly passing Scheltema on lap 3. Claudio Schiavoni also tried to overtake the Kessel Racing driver on lap 8. However, in setting up his attack the Italian veered off onto the grass, losing positions and finishing seventh overall (fifth in the Coppa Shell).

    Coppa Shell Am. In the Coppa Shell Am, victory went to Michael Simoncic (Baron Motorsport), who got the better of “Alex Fox” (SF Grand Est Mullhouse) and Dusan Palcr (Scuderia Praha). Matthias Moser (Scuderia Gohm) crossed the line in fourth, with Laurent De Meeus (HR Owen) fifth. These last three drivers all crossed the line within a second of each other. The thirty-minute race saw the safety car come out twice. The first time was on lap 4 for the removal of Corinna Gostner's car (CDP - MP Racing) which had ended up in a dangerous position. Gostner had been making progress at that point, as she had just set the fastest lap time (1:46.677). The second entry was to remove car no. 122 of Miroslav Vyboh (Scuderia Praha). Race-2 of the Trofeo Pirelli and Coppa Shell will be held on Sunday 5 July, at Imola at 2 pm and 4.20 pm respectively.