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    Time machine: 2006, creation of the XX Programme

    Maranello 26 giugno 2020

    Two letters for a revolution. The letters are two Xs. The revolution arose out of the idea of involving the Prancing Horse’s best customers in a programme where they actively contribute to the development of a car and its successors. The result is the XX Programme, which took its first steps in 2006, two years after its conception. It was in 2004 at Maranello that the idea to create an extreme car as part of an unparalleled initiative aimed at a limited number of loyal customers took the form of a prototype dubbed FXX. It took its cue from the 2002 Ferrari Enzo, a model that already drew fully on the Scuderia’s experience in Formula 1 and whose project name was FX. Given that its vocation for the racetrack was now even more extreme, the design team called it FXX, a name that people liked and that stuck. The car came with a 6.2-litre V12 engine capable of more than 800 hp. Every detail of its aerodynamics was carefully designed. Indeed, the downforce was 40% higher than that of the Enzo. Its cockpit was customised to the needs of the test driver. Uncompromising in its development, the FXX can only be used on the track, although not in competition. Twenty-nine examples were produced and customers, thanks to the support of qualified instructors and professional drivers, became Prancing Horse test drivers with a continuous flow of information between the driver and engineers. The FXX was previewed on 17 August 2005 during the Ferrari Day organised as part of the week of the Concours d’Elegance at Pebble Beach, in the United States. However, the actual debut took place at the Finali Mondiali in October at Mugello. FXX Programme activities began in 2006, with the car making its debut at Homestead, in the United States. The thirtieth example of the car also dates to that year. It is all black, carries the number 30, and was given to Formula 1 Scuderia driver, Michael Schumacher. The German was present together with other customers during the Nürburgring event in September of the same year. The FXX, the parent car of the XX Programmes, can still be seen today at Corse Clienti events on the most beautiful tracks around the world. Over the coming weeks, you can also relive the story of this special year through the official podcast “The Origins of a Legend” on Spotify.

    26 giugno, 2020