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    Tabacchi and Paulsen round off a perfect weekend with another victory

    Spa-Francorchamps 13 settembre 2020

    Emanuele Maria Tabacchi and Frederik Paulsen have taken the jackpot. With victories in Race 2 in both their respective classes, the two drivers wrapped up a dream weekend at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit, with twin pole position and twin victories, allowing them to increase the gaps at the head of the respective general standings. Tabacchi held onto the first position at the start and subsequently began extending the advantage over his pursuers lap after lap whilst bonding well with the Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo – a fact confirmed by the 2:23.458 fastest lap. Behind was John Wartique who made the best start of the group, snatching second place and attempting to establish himself as leader, at least during the early stages of the race. Frederick Paulsen, polesitter of the Am class, managed to keep the lead by fending off attacks from Florian Merckx, to whom we would subsequently concede the position some ten minutes into the race. The Belgian driver completed the comeback by reaching Wartique and overhauling him mid-race with a perfect overtaking move, out-braking his rival at the Bus Stop curve and grabbing second position which he held onto until the chequered flag, ahead of Wartique. The final phase of the race was characterized by a double duel in Am class, with Paulsen being reached by Matùs Vyboh who tried every which way to get past his rival all the way to the final turn. However, Paulsen’s careful defence permitted him to cross the finish-line in the top class position - fourth overall. Frederik Espersen made it onto the third step of the Am class podium after starting from the rear of the group after getting lumbered with a penalty by race stewards following contact in Race 1. Staging an amazing comeback, the Danish driver reached "AC" and was able to take advantage of a minor error in the closing stages, managing to overtake and eventually post third place, sixth overall. Behind him an “AC”, showing increasing confidence in the car and Roman Zieman. The double win clinched at the weekend allows Emanuele Maria Tabacchi to further extend his lead in the general standings, now sporting a 52-point advantage over the Liechtenstein champion Fabienne Wohlwend who was unable to start in Race 2 due to technical issues from the morning qualifying session. Elsewhere, in Am class, Frederik Paulsen extended his lead over Vyboh to seven points.