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    Second pole for MacNeil, Schreibman first in the Coppa Shell

    Indianapolis 26 luglio 2020

    Today drivers enjoyed a second tight qualifying session in all classes which certainly foreshadow very exciting races this afternoon.

    Trofeo Pirelli. Cooper MacNeil (Ferrari of Westlake) continues his clear path over the Indianapolis weekend. After a triumphant first day, MacNeil also took pole position in second qualifying, setting the best time in the first attempt. The championship leader completed the session ahead of Ross Chouest (Boardwalk Ferrari), who will start from second on the grid just 272 thousandths of a second ahead of Jordan Workman (Ferrari of Central Florida), third. Fourth place, and sixth overall, for the other title contender Joseph Rubbo (Ferrari of Long Island). In the Trofeo Pirelli AM, the close clash between Dave Musial (Ferrari Lake Forest), Jean-Claude Saada (Boardwalk Ferrari) and Aaron Weiss (Continental Autosport), who also featured in Race 1, was renewed in second qualifying. In the end it was Jean-Claude Saada, who set the fastest time in the first few minutes of the session, who took pole in class and fourth overall. Behind him on the grid will be Dave Musial, second by just 111 thousandths, and Aaron Weiss, third by 262 thousandths. Brian Davis (Ferrari of Palm Beach) had a good performance and set the fourth fastest time.

    Coppa Shell. Thousandths of a second separated Kevan Millstein (Ferrari of San Diego) and Jay Schreibman (Cauley Ferrari of Detroit), who managed to get the better and take pole position. In the final stages, in an attempt to further improve his time Schreibman concluded the session with a spin and an excursion in the gravel. Just 8 thousandths of a second from first place stopped MIllstein, yesterday's poleman and winner of Race 1. In third place in class, and fourth overall, was Brad Horstmann (Foreign Cars Italy), while Jim Booth (Ferrari of Atlanta) will start fourth, sixth overall. The 22 drivers from the Coppa Shell AM class battled it out for all 15 minutes of Qualifying 2. At the end of the session, Christopher Aitken (Ferrari of Houston) took pole position - third overall on the grid - just 186 thousandths ahead of Dave Musial Jr (Ferrari Lake Forest), second in class and fifth overall. In third place, and seventh overall, will start Charles Whittal (Ferrari of Central Florida), while Justin Wetherill (Ferrari of Central Florida), winner of Race 1 and championship leader, will start from sixth in class and tenth overall.