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    Season Review 2021 - Antonello Coletta

    From his new office overlooking turn 9 of the Fiorano circuit, Antonello Coletta observes a 488 Challenge Evo from the Corso Pilota driving past at full throttle.

    Maranello 30 dicembre 2021

    From his new office overlooking turn 9 of the Fiorano circuit, Antonello Coletta observes a 488 Challenge Evo from the Corso Pilota driving past at full throttle. And it is precisely the term “full throttle” that best sums up 2021 for Corse Clienti. The Head of Ferrari Attività Sportive GT tackles the main themes from a positive season.

    Compared to 2021, all the indicators are up, across the department’s various activities. Is the optimism on its way back?

    “We have been through a tricky period, a bit like everyone else, for obvious reasons that saw 2020 as a transition season after a record-breaking 2019 in terms of the number of clients at our sporting activities. In 2021, in the second half of the year, we once again saw those numbers, the attendance and the desire to be part of our events. We are very pleased about this and we can only hope for a 2022 with numbers as high as those of the recently-concluded Finali Mondiali at Mugello, which saw a sizable participation on behalf of our clients.”

    An important year off the track too, with a key milestone in terms of sustainability.

    “We have put a lot of effort into achieving the ISO 20121 certification which was awarded to us, but now we must continue to implement all the necessary action to ensure sustainability within the organisation of our events. Mugello was, indeed, the first circuit in the world to receive this certification and has always been considered one of the most attentive facilities as far as these issues are concerned.”

    We are approaching the Challenge's thirtieth anniversary, having concluded a positive season.

    “It’s a major milestone, confirming the Ferrari Challenge as one of the longest running single-marque series in the world. We have always been ready to follow the demands of the market to offer an original product. However, the passion of our clients and the entire Ferrari team’s commitment to ensuring that this single-marque series is worthy of the brand name, has never fallen short.”

    The XX Programme and F1 Clienti offered a new experience for their participants.

    “We like to propose new formats to our clients. This year we have introduced the F1 Clienti Masterclass and the XX Programme Exclusive Experience, two initiatives offering in-depth study from a dynamic and theoretical viewpoint, with a particular focus on knowledge of vehicle mechanics. We like the idea of explaining to our clients the genesis of the cars they own and how technology is applied to a product that has to go out on track and meet their demands.”

    Some historic partnerships have been renewed this year, such as those of Bell and Adler. What is the role of such partners in the success of Attività Sportive GT?

    “The role of our partners is always fundamental as they provide us with the technology, they make their knowledge available so that our activities are always first-rate. In the case of Bell and Adler, we have been partners for a long time and we are delighted to have renewed this collaboration, which we hope will be even more fruitful over the coming years.”