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    Record numbers for F1 Clienti and XX Programme at Mugello

    The Ferrari Finali Mondiali will feature displays of cars destined to arouse awe and excitement among motoring enthusiasts.

    Maranello 16 ottobre 2023

    As per tradition, the Ferrari Finali Mondiali will feature displays of cars destined to arouse awe and excitement among motoring enthusiasts. These are the cars of the XX Programme and F1 Clienti, two of the Prancing Horse’s most exclusive programmes, which will be at the Mugello International Circuit with a record-breaking total of 75 cars, taking part in non-competitive test sessions.

    F1 Clienti. 19 single-seaters from the programme that allows a select group of clients to take the wheel of cars etched in pre-hybrid era Formula 1 history with Scuderia Ferrari will tackle the ups and downs of the Tuscan track. The F2008, driven in 2008 by Felipe Massa and Kimi Räikkönen, will be there in the biggest number (four cars), followed by the F2004 (2004), the F138 (2013) and the F60 (2009), with three and two cars, respectively.

    The Ferrari SF70H, driven by Sebastian Vettel in the 2017 season, is the latest model to have competed. The F1-2000, with which Michael Schumacher and Ferrari won the Drivers’ and Manufacturers titles in 2000, is the oldest in the timeline. They are represented by one car apiece.

    The SF70H is a hybrid single-seater with a 1600 cm3 V6 internal combustion engine combined with two electric units, for a total weight, including the driver, of 728 kg. In this car, the German driver won the Australian GP in the season opener and the races in Bahrain, Monte Carlo, Hungary and Brazil. At the end of the season, Vettel was runner-up in the drivers’ standings, while Räikkönen’s teammate finished fourth; Scuderia Ferrari came second in the manufacturers’ championship.

    XX Programme. With 56 cars registered for the 2023 Finali Mondiali, there will also be an extraordinary turnout of the cars that best represent the concept of technological research taken to the highest level. The common thread? The number of cylinders in the engine: various evolutions of the V12 engine, which unleashes a unique and evocative sound, power all models in the XX Programme.

    The FXX-K Evo (20 units), a hybrid model with a 6262 cm³ mid-rear combustion engine and an electric unit delivering a total power output of 1050 hp and maximum torque of 900 Nm, will be the most represented car at Mugello, followed by the 599XX Evo (18 units), featuring a twelve-cylinder front-mounted engine with 750 hp and 700 Nm of torque.

    16 ottobre, 2023