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    Pinto: the joys of a rookie

    Spa-Francorchamps 11 settembre 2021

    Competing in the Trofeo Pirelli AM with Francorchamps Motors Luxembourg - D2P, Jorge Daniel Pinto is ready to hit the track at Spa-Francorchamps. This is Pinto’s first season in the Ferrari Challenge, and at the moment, his primary goal is to learn while enjoying the championship atmosphere.

    This was your debut season; how do you rate it?

    “I would say that my debut in the Ferrari Challenge will number among the best memories of my life. Like a first kiss or the first bottle of wine uncorked in the company of true friends! The same feelings I had at such important times in my life”.

    Which circuits have you enjoyed the most?

    “It’s difficult to make a clear judgement because, in some races, the weather had a considerable impact. I would say Valencia, though: it was exhilarating. And then, of course, Spa is one of the circuits I’m fondest of: the weather hasn’t been kind, but hopefully, the sun will come out again”.

    You are back on track today after skipping the Nürburgring, while in your last race, you claimed your first championship point. What are your goals for the final phase of the Ferrari Challenge?

    “Basically, I aim to have as much fun as possible, while maybe trying not to destroy the car! And then just see what happens, without too many expectations”.