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    Finali Mondiali - The most exciting weekend of the year gets underway at Monza

    01 novembre 2018

    Monza, 1 Nov 2018 - The first free practice sessions of the Ferrari Challenge kicked off the Finali Mondiali 2018 at Monza this morning. The final event of the Ferrari racing season sees over 150 cars on track and a paddock full of attractions for the whole family. Nine races. The event goes live tomorrow, with the first three Ferrari Challenge races, in which most of the three continental series’ titles are still up for grabs. Two European and Asian championships are still to be decided and three in North America. The Monza circuit gives rein to the enormous power of the 488 Challenge and its 670 hp engine like few others. In the dry, from exiting the Parabolica to braking at the first chicane, the cars hit speeds of up to 300 km/h, new peaks for the one-make series and way higher than those achieved by the GT3 cars. Queens of the track. The Challenge races will be interspersed with the sessions of XX Programmes and Formula 1 Clienti. These single-seaters will feel at home at Monza, a circuit that has always hosted the Italian Formula 1 Grand Prix. The fans will have the chance to see legendary cars streak by, including the F1-89, the first single-seater to be fitted with a semi-automatic gearbox with paddle shift levers on the steering wheel, the 412 T2, the last car with a V12 engine, used in 1995, or the cars that marked the era of Michael Schumacher such as the F2001, F2003-GA, and F2004, and then that of Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa (F2007 and F2008). Power and technology. The Formula 1 cars will be joined by those of the XX Programmes, cars created solely for the track and totally uncompromisingly designed because they are not constrained by any championship regulations. The FXX K EVO, presented at the 2017 Mugello Finali Mondiali, is the latest addition to this series of very special cars intended for equally special customers. It has an output of 1050 hp, produced by the combined power of a 6-litre V12 engine and a Formula 1 derived kinetic energy recovery system under braking. This jewel of power and technology is accompanied by two other cars from the programmes, the FXX of 2006 and the 599XX of 2009. Forty legends. However, the Finali Mondiali are not just an event to be experienced on the track. The paddock too offers a real show. Forty cars in one way or another connected to Monza are gathered in a pavilion. They range from historic models, including six examples of the 750 Monza, to the cars of the Ferrari Challenge, for which Monza has always been a must, to the GT cars of recent years and the Formula 1 single-seaters that have won at the National Circuit, such as the F1-87/88C, or the 312 T that helped Lauda to the title in Italy 11 years after John Surtees. Range. Another pavilion displays the entire current range, with 8- and 12-cylinder cars including the Ferrari 488 Pista Spider recently presented at the Paris Motor Show. There is also a lot of excitement about the two Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2s, whose names tie in with the location of the Finali Mondiali 2018. Children can visit the junior paddock, which hosts many fun activities organised by specialised personnel. Show. The grand finale will take place on Sunday afternoon at the Ferrari Show, with the Formula 1 cars, the Ferrari GT drivers together with Marc Gené, the cars taking part in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and in the most important closed-wheel championships, and a record number of cars produced at Maranello over the years. An event not to be missed, which will turn Monza Ferrari red.