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    Sixth wonder for MacNeil, triumphs for Burrowes and Chen

    Sixth wonder for MacNeil, triumphs for Burrowes and Chen

    Watkins Glen 23 maggio 2021

    Cooper MacNeil (Ferrari of Westlake) won his sixth victory of the season in the Trofeo Pirelli, once again turning out a commanding performance at the second race on the Watkins Glen track. The American driver, after edging away from rivals in the opening laps, managed the pace and tyres equally well in the latter part of the race.

    It was an action-filled thirty minutes on the track, in particular the chase for the top spots in Trofeo Pirelli Am1 and Am2. In the first class, a fierce battle raged between protagonists McCarthy (Wide World Ferrari) and Burrowes (Ferrari of Ft. Lauderdale) who treated the “Glen” to a dog-fight around every corner of the track. With just a minute to go, McCarthy sprang the decisive attack on Burrowes at the Esses, but went off track in the process allowing his rival to open up a safe margin to control the pace in the final stages and defend his second overall position and first in the class. In the general standings, McCarthy leads with 94 points followed by Burrowes on 86 and Musial (Ferrari of Lake Forest) on 52.

    In the Trofeo Pirelli Am2, the was a lively battle between Horstmann (Foreign Cars Italia) and Chen (Ferrari of Beverly Hills) with the Chinese driver able to surprise the American just over two minutes from the end, building up to a passing manoeuvre by out-braking his rival at the first turn and overtaking on the next. Muzzo (Ferrari of Ontario) rounded out the podium in third position. In the class rankings, Davis is leader with 60 points, with Chen three points adrift and Horstmann four.