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    Trofeo Pirelli, Race-2 comments

    Monza 11 aprile 2021

    At the end of a pulsating race that featured Luka Nurmi’s historic victory, we heard from the drivers who mounted the Trofeo Pirelli and Trofeo Pirelli Am podiums.

    Michelle Gatting, runner-up Trofeo Pirelli: “It was a difficult race. There was also a bad crash, but fortunately, all the drivers are fine. I am sorry for my teammate because he also had to leave the race. However, I have to admit there’s no doubt that the Safety Car’s entry made things easier for me. I certainly made a good pass on John, and I'm very proud of that because I think it was the high point of my race. Luka was quicker in the end, and so it's ok. We’ll see what happens in the next race”.

    John Wartique, third place Trofeo Pirelli: “Even though I aimed to win, the important thing in races like these is to finish. However, I had some difficulty making the right speed on the straights, and we will have to work to find a solution over the next few days. Also, it was a race full of interruptions and restarts. The Safety Car came out, and that's not good for the tyres. But in general, I'm happy with the second place. The whole team is pleased. I started the season with a double podium, so it’s great”.

    Hugo Delacour, runner-up Trofeo Pirelli Am: “I had a lot of trouble in the early stages and indeed dropped a lot of positions: I started in third but made a mistake in the first chicane and spun. I set off again and immediately focused on regaining ground. In the end, I kept up a good pace and passed several rivals. Then I even managed to finish second, so I feel very satisfied”.

    Oliver Plassmann, third place Trofeo Pirelli Am: “I started from the back, and I had a lot of opponents in front of me who made life difficult. It was hard to recover positions. In the end, I could have finished second, but I am still satisfied".

    We recorded the interviews before the race officials announced Delacour's relegation to third.