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    Ferrari Challenge Europe - Coppa Shell: Loefflad aims at a fifth win

    08 settembre 2016

    Hockenheim, 8 September 2016 – The Ferrari Challenge Coppa Shell is back in action this weekend at the Hockenheim track, and Thomas Loefflad, the German driver of the StileF Squadra Corse team, is determined to hear his national anthem being played at the Baden-Württemberg circuit. Loefflad leads the standings on the strength of the four races which he has already won this season. However three strong and determined rivals who follow him in the standings are ready to complicate his life.   In hot pursuit. They are Fons Scheltema and Rick Lovat, both with Kessel Racing, and the inexhaustible Erich Prinoth who is back on the track with the car of the Ineco-MP Racing team after skipping the Sochi event. The three are also in contention for the Coppa Shell in which they are spread over a range of just 22 points.   Ladies Cup. There is a very tight race also among the women of the Ladies Cup. At the moment, Manuela Gostner and Deborah Mayer share first place in the standings. However, Corinna Gostner is only two points behind; therefore, a good race at Hockenheim could upset the standings.   Schedule. On Saturday, the Coppa Shell will open the schedule, with a 3:00 p.m. start. On the other hand, on Sunday, the race will start at 2:20 p.m., shortly after the exhibition of Sebastian Vettel with the Scuderia Ferrari. This video will show us once again the highlights of the race held in Sochi in late July.