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    Ferrari 458 Challenge Evo on track at Silverstone for the series’ 30th anniversary

    Silverstone 17 settembre 2022

    The Ferrari Challenge Europe celebrates its 30th edition with cars from the three-decade history of the Prancing Horse single-marque series. Back on track to mark the occasion, for round five of the championship at Silverstone, will be the no. 1 Ferrari 458 Challenge Evo, in white livery, featuring the name of Stefano Gai.

    An evolution of its predecessor, the 458 Challenge, which it replaced from the 2014 season, the 458 Challenge Evoluzione differed from its predecessor in its aerodynamic kit, which further boosted performance. The kit included a new GT racing-style rear wing (for improved cornering), a new front splitter, and an even better-designed underbody. On the technical side, improvements were also made to brakes and suspension. However, it still packed a 4.5-litre V8 engine capable of 570 horsepower, but several updates also improved handling.

    In turn, the 458 Challenge, introduced in 2010, in which Stefano Gai himself clinched the Ferrari Challenge championship title in 2011, was modelled on the 458 Italia road version, of which it retained the standard 4,999 cm3 direct-injection V8 engine, with a maximum output of 570 hp at 9,000 rpm. However, it stood out for the various changes to the gear ratio and the calibration of the Formula 1-type dual-clutch gearbox, which provided more torque at low revs. The electronic E-Diff differential was also new. 

    The exterior and interior saw significant changes, lighter in weight than the road version and with a race-specific set-up. It also came with a new generation Brembo CCM2 braking system, along with F1-Trac, the Ferrari developed control system that continually estimates the maximum available grip.