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    Fast Lane: Willem van der Vorm

    Maranello 17 novembre 2020

    Willem van der Vorm, the Monegasque driver from the Scuderia Montecarlo, who is in his maiden year in the world of Ferrari Challenge, today responds before the microphones of "Fast Lane".

    How did the idea of ​​participating in the Ferrari Challenge come about?

    “Mainly because I own a Ferrari and that’s why I entered the Club Challenge world. I had a great time immediately; I enjoyed myself and found instructors who made everything easier for me. I love Ferraris and I love being able to drive one out on the track: for me it's a dream come true.”

    What do you think of how the Ferrari Challenge is structured?

    “I really appreciate how it is organized. This year, for obvious reasons, the rounds are close together and there are very few days between one date and the next. During the weekend on the track the format includes two races, one on Saturday and a second on Sunday, which is often the most demanding. However, it is a positive thing that, if you did not perform well in Race 1, you can redeem yourself straight away in the next one.”

    Which of the races held do you remember with the greatest pleasure?

    “I would say Barcelona. That’s the track on which I won my first pole position and my first podium.”

    To concentrate before a race, many drivers use music. Is that also true for you?

    “Yes, music can help me and the type can vary depending on the moment. If I feel excited and nervous before a race, I listen to relaxing music. If, on the other hand, I need to get excited, I turn on the pop songs.”

    From a fitness point of view, however, how do you prepare yourself before a race?

    “Short runs or walks of about 45 minutes, even if it’s close to my home. Walking and short runs are the main activities also because they help a lot in athletic preparation. Those who have never driven a car in a competition believe that a race is not so demanding from a physical point of view and it’s absolutely not like that at all: it requires a very high level of physical fitness.”