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    Fast Lane: Nicolò Rosi

    Ferrari Challenge Europe 2021

    Maranello 13 luglio 2021

    Nicolò Rosi is today’s guest on Fast Lane. The Swiss driver from Kessel Racing is in his second year in the Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli Am. In recent months his performance has noticeably improved. He has built up experience by burning through the miles on the various circuits, but his apprenticeship is not yet over. His main goal is to continue to improve with every appearance.

    Second season at Ferrari Challenge, what are your goals?

    “I feel I am a lot better since my debut last season: I am happy with the progress I’ve made, and my goal is to continue like this. I still have a long way to go, and I am really curious to see what I can achieve this year: I see this season as a turning point, and first and foremost, I want to prove many things to myself".

    How would you describe yourself as a driver?

    “It’s hard to say because I’m still maturing. I built up experience in Club Challenge and the few races I ran last year. At the moment, I can only say that I feel really comfortable and I am delighted to take part in the Ferrari Challenge. As I said, I still have to grow and improve, and this season will allow me to gain even more experience”.

    How do you approach a race?

    “First of all, I try to familiarise myself with the track, its turns and straights. To do this, I use simulators that allow me to go on a virtual tour of the circuit”. 

    Do you follow any specific training?

    “I pay a lot of attention to nutrition and training to prepare myself physically for the efforts I will need to make in a race. Furthermore,for me it is essential to free my mind, relax and achieve the right level of concentration”.

    What is your favourite circuit?

    “That’s a tough question! I would say there are two: First of all Imola, a track that exudes a unique charm, that oozes history, and I love every single yard of this circuit. The other is Portimão: it is very different to Imola but exhilarating. On the eve of my first race, I had loads of expectations: all of which were exceeded just when I stepped out onto the track. Really fun. I remember every inch of that circuit”.