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    Fast Lane: Luka Nurmi

    Luka Nurmi, 16, is the youngest driver ever to have claimed a triumph in the history of the Ferrari

    Maranello 02 novembre 2021

    Luka Nurmi, 16, is the youngest driver ever to have claimed a triumph in the history of the Ferrari Challenge. A true motorsport promise, driven by dreams and ambitions, spurred on by the desire to one day become a professional racing driver. And all the potential is truly there. Luka was a guest in our Fast Lane feature and spoke about his experience in the Trofeo Pirelli, supported by the Formula Racing team.

    What made you begin racing so young?

    "I started racing karts when I was just four years old and since I was a kid I've been trying to improve and have constantly aimed higher and higher, moving from category to category. At 14 I first got behind the wheel of a Porsche GT3 Cup and at 15 I started racing. In other words, I've been working hard since I was a kid to get ahead in this sport.”

    You are the youngest driver ever to win in the Ferrari Challenge: did you ever expect to get a result like this so quickly?

    "On the eve of the Monza race I didn't really know what to expect because it was my first ever international race: before that I had only raced in Finland and I didn’t know if I would be up to the level of the other European drivers. So I'd have to say that I didn't expect it, but right from the first tests at Monza I realised I could compete with even the most elite rivals.”

    What are your goals as a driver?

    "My dream is to win the Le Mans. That is currently my main goal, my strongest desire. And then my hope is to become a professional driver one day, maybe even for Ferrari!”

    How difficult is it to reconcile your sporting career with your studies and your private life?

    "For me, the racing career comes before anything else, including school! But anyway, I still have to go to school five days a week; so there are times when combining these two activities is a real challenge and can be quite stressful. At the same time I realise that I have no other choice. School is important and will one day allow me to become an intelligent driver!”

    How do you prepare before a race weekend from the fitness and nutritional point of view?

    "In everyday life I usually eat very little. I'm not a big eater, but on race weekends I try to eat a little more than usual. Racing requires a great deal of physical effort and during a race you can burn up to 300 calories: so you have to keep your body fed and eat well.”