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    Fast Lane: John Dhillon

    Maranello 26 agosto 2020

    In his third season, British driver John Dhillon told “Fast Lane” about his experience in the Ferrari Challenge and how he manages his time, between racing on Europe’s most beautiful circuits and work commitments.

    Why did you decide to compete in the Ferrari Challenge in 2018?

    “Because I consider this series challenging and suited to my profile. The choice of class, the Trofeo Pirelli Am, was also important. I find myself competing with highly skilled drivers against whom I can test myself. The challenge has certainly helped me make significant progress”.

    What’s your favourite circuit and which one don’t you like?

    “Actually, there’s none I don’t like, I appreciate them all. Spa is definitely one of my favourites. I would say that Barcelona doesn’t suit my style: it’s a very technical track, while I prefer fast circuits”.

    You have a demanding job, and I imagine you need some pretty thorough mental training to achieve the right level of concentration.

    “At first, I turned up for races tired after work commitments. I realised that combining work and racing isn’t easy. Indeed, a few days before a race, it would be better to unplug and relax so as not to compromise performance. But this isn’t always feasible”.

    Which race do you remember with the most feeling?

    “I’d say the Misano weekend. It was a special race, and I had a lot of fun”.

    Is music a tool that can help you before a race?

    “My problem is that I can’t relax in general. If I had to listen to music in the car, I’m afraid I’d fall asleep... ...or at least go slower. This is something I’m working on”.