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    Fast Lane: Dusan Palcr

    Maranello 29 settembre 2020

    This week Dusan Palcr - a veteran of the Ferrari Challenge - joins us on "Fast Lane". In fact, the driver made his racing debut back in 2014. Now, some seven seasons on, the Scuderia Praha driver is still as highly-motivated as ever to keep on racing.

    What do you like most about this series? 

    "I love the atmosphere. There are so many cars, talented drivers and a really good atmosphere."

    Which race gives you the most pleasure to remember after all these years? 

    “Obviously I enjoy the memory of the races where I finished on the podium. But in particular I think I have fulfilled my ambitions by getting results at such important circuits as Monza and Imola. Those have been some of the best weekends.”

    This year you are driving the new Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo. What are the characteristics that you appreciate most about it and how does it differ from the cars of the past? 

    "It is an even more stable car and allows you to take more risks when taking tight corners. In general, it offers greater versatility.”

    How did your passion for motorsport and Ferrari in particular come about? 

    "It was a close friend of mine who convinced me. He was a driver and he persuaded me to follow him into this adventure, telling me about how exciting it was. After three seasons he gave up and I carried on alone. Now I’m with Scuderia Praha and it is, undoubtedly, one of the best teams and I have met great people and excellent mechanics. We are all friends and a great atmosphere has developed. I think the team counts for 80% of my performance."

    For many drivers, music is an ideal tool to prepare for a race and find the right mental focus. Is this the same for you? 

    “I find it relaxing to listen to music when we are all together in the paddock the night before a race: we chat, laugh and maybe have a beer. But sometimes I need to isolate myself and focus on the race alone. It depends on the circumstances.”    

    29 settembre, 2020